It looks like Reverend Al Sharpton's National Action Network (NAN) protest held in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, December 13th, was far more rocky than planned.  According to various protest attendees, Reverend Al was actually selling VIP passes which would allow people access to stand close to the stage where he and other speakers addressed the crowd.

Carmelo Anthony Tells Story About Refusing to Give Up $20 at Gunpoint


It’s probably no surprise to you that Carmelo Anthony loves money.  He did choose a five-year, $124 million contract with the lowly Knicks rather than take less money to play with the playoff ready Chicago Bulls.  But just how much Anthony loves money might shock you as he tells this story about refusing to give up $20 while being robbed at gunpoint.

Webbie Calls Out 50 Cent – “You Owe Me $1M”

Well well well, rapper Webbie is definitely saying “Gimme Dat” to fellow rap star 50 Cent, after having to call him out on a million dollar boxing bet. Apparently the two had seen each other at the Terrence Crawford vs. Yuriorkis Gamboa fight back in June. The pair decided to put their money where their mouths were and cough up a little wager. Crawford, coincidentally Webbie’s boy, KO’d Gamboa, leaving 50 left to pay off his debt. However, he has yet to do so… Hit the jump to check out Webbie calling Fif a b*tch, even making a song about it, telling him to PAY UP OR ELSE!

This Is How Chris Rock Got Kanye West To Co-Produce ‘Top Five’


“Top Five” hits theaters December 12th, and the New York premiere was held last night (November 4) with the full cast in attendance including Kanye West. Written and directed by Chris Rock, the comedian shares how he got Kanye West on board.

Ariana Grande Responds To Bette Midler’s ‘Whore’ Comments

Everyone has an opinion. In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Bette Midler criticizes Ariana Grande’s image saying she was “making a whore out of herself.” Ariana took to her Twitter Tuesday (November 25) to respond to Midler’s comments.

WELP: Kevin Federline Calls BS On Alleged Leaked Nude; Says His Is “Way Bigger!”

Britney Spears baby daddy and former lover Kevin Federline has an alleged leaked nude picture of his package floating around the internet somewhere. However, Kevin is infuriated because he’s swearing up and down that his meat has been altered with and photoshopped to look smaller (riiiighhhhht.) In the alleged pic, you can see half of Federline’s face so for someone to photoshop the entire thing is possible but highly unlikely. Well Kev, all I have to say is… “We don’t believe you, you need more people!”

Tracy Morgan "May Not Be The Same Tracy" After Suffering Major Brain Damage In The Crash

When there was word that Tracy Morgan was leaving ICU and was in better condition, we all were so excited and thrilled that he can return to being the funny man he is.

Unfortunately that may not be these case.

A.J. & Free Respond To Cancellation of BET’s 106 & Park

Anyone around my age remembers coming home at 6pm and watching BET’s Hit Show, 106 & Park. The show was BET’s Flagship production that counted down the top 10 music videos in Hip Hop & RnB including amazing candid interviews with all of the top celebrities in the industry.
Unfortunately, the show announced it’s cancellation with the last show airing on December 19. While it will still be presented digitally, this marks the end of a 14 year run that was a huge part of our youth.