Who is Amanda Pollard?

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An outfit change, a double shot of espresso and little street speed and I was there.“Wonder if she’s here yet?” I asked myself on the way into Amelie’s French Bakery. But as soon as I saw those legs I had my answer. She was already there.

My date for the afternoon was gorgeous songbird Amanda Pollard and my objective was to crack through the performer’s protected exterior and find out more about the real girl inside.

Every bit as beautiful on a Friday afternoon as she is on a Saturday night, Amanda smiles when she sees me but this time there’s an added spark. Her bright brown eyes are on my Bojangle’s bag.

“What’s in the bag?” she asks with a laugh, hoping it’s her favorite guilty pleasure; seasoned fries. It’s not but we laugh and with that I’m ready to start my candid interview with one of Charlotte’s hottest performers.

Who's on the Wiz Khalifa's ‘Under The Influence Of Music’ Tour?

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Wiz Khalifa will be heading out on his annual ‘Under The Influence of Music’ tour once again for the summer, and this time, he has a whole new cast of characters with him. Joining the Taylor Gang CEO will be his fellow Taylor Gang artist Ty Dolla $ign (who was on last year as well,) as well as Rich Homie Quan, Sage

Omar Tyree Interview

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It was 2:10 pm when I walked into Taco Mac and started checking out the scene. A cute hostess greeted me as I adjusted my eyes from her face, to the podium, to the bar. “I’ll just sit at bar” I say to sweetly with my best Hollywood smile.

A quick turn, a random bar guy, and few high top tables later and I’d found a good spot to post up. The place was empty but it didn’t matter. I was on a mission. A quick glance at my notes and I was ready for my interview with Omar Tyree.

The straight shooting Philadelphia native is a New York Times bestselling author used to life on of the book charts. Widely considered one of the top six writers of African American fiction, Tyree wrote his first book, “Flyy Girl”, in his early twenties. 30 books later and he continues to gift us with stories that describe the urban life experience and others that stretch well beyond the limitations of the hood.

Photography Spotlight-Todd Youngblood

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Photographer Todd Youngblood has been making his rounds in Charlotte for the past four years.   Known for capturing razor sharp images with sexy street edge, Youngblood blends skill with creativity to create photographic art that both consumes and intrigues.

Chosen as winner of this year’s Inspire Models and BMW- Ducati “Capture Through Commotion” contest, Youngblood describes the moment he took this ridiculously sexy shot of  Charlotte model Sri’ V’lentino.
D Renee- This photo was taken in a matter of minutes during a live fashion event. How did you go from, “Hey my name is Todd” to this killer shot so quickly?

Kid Capri Interview

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KM- First we would like to say its a honor to interview you. For those that don't know how did Kid Capri get his start?

Kid Capri- I've been it for a lot of years before anyone knew my name,I started getting known I started training with a after hour club with a guy named Chief Roc da Star Child. We got ready popular from making mixtapes together,we did that for a year,after that I did my parties in the city and going to Virginia,North Carolina and then Red Alert got me a job at Studio 54.After that I was figuring out what went to a department store & bought 100 tapes.I copied all the tapes I made previously and I made one new one ,the next day i went out to Rucker Park in Harlem where they play basketball at sat there and sold my mixtape for $20 some people ain't know who I was a few people did,and they would ask me why would I give you $20 for a tape & I said put my tape in your car & listen to the beginning of it & I guarantee you will buy everything I got,and that's exactly how it went,at that time every car had a Kid Capri take even Mr. Softy ice cream truck it was crazy. After that I played at bigger clubs then tour,radio deal with

Hello World

“D Renee In The City”
Column 1- Hello World
By- Debra Renee Seth

As I sit down for my very first entry for this column it’s only right that I’m in one of my absolute favorite places. Common Market on South Blvd. in Charlotte, NC.

It’s a raining again which seems to be the usual these days. But a girl like me won’t let a little rain stop her. So I hopped in my in my whip( in my favorite flannel shirt and dope hidden wedge sneakers) in search of a cool place to write.

Down the elevator, to the car, with my favorite local rapper in my speakers. Left on Graham and fly past Vanity, a few minutes later and I’m here --finally.