Mimi Faust Admits That “Leaked Adult Tape” was Professionally Filmed

Atlanta, GA- Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member, Mimi Faust, has finally confessed that her alleged “leaked sex tape” featuring her boyfriend, Nikko Smith, was staged. Faust claims the sextape was filmed in a hotel downtown Atlanta with a professional film crew of about five. As most have already suspected, Faust claims the sextape was produced with the hopes of acclaiming fame like the leaked sextapes of socialites Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. Initially, Faust and Smith claimed that their leaked sextape 

Chris Brown’s New Neighbor: “If He Comes Onto My Property, I’ll SHOOT HIM!”

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Chris Brown’s gained quite a questionable rep over the past few years and apparently his new neighbors are NOT amused by Breezy’s behavior. The entertainer recently moved into a new mansion in San Fernando Valley on the boarder of Malibu into a town called Agoura. The 6-bedroom home he’s renting is fully equipped with an ice cream bar, dance studio (for the bangers he’ll be throwing,) billiard room, and a tennis

Common Unveils That Rakim Was An Inspiration While Making ‘Nobody’s Smiling’

As Common gears up for the release of his homage to the state of Chicago ‘Nobody’s Smiling’, he has revealed the inspiration and collaborations within the piece! From the intro itself ‘The Neighborhood’ featuring Lil Herb and James Fauntelroy, to the beautiful Jhene Aiko assist. Common continued to unveil his influences in creating ‘Nobody’s Smiling’ which include the sounds of Rakim!


It is annoying to turn on the TV and to hear a character like Stevie J say that his daughter had to be treated like a princess at all times.

Now, this is coming from an individual,  that belittle females on a regular I mean calling women hoes, s**** and b******! But still you want your daughter treated like a princess!

Hip Hop Doctor

Lets talk about Hip Hop!!! I want to introduce myself to you- I am the Hip Hop Head Doc- Sheddy D. We will be exploring the evolution and the state of hip hop in the up coming editions of The Konnected! Please send questions and suggestions. I welcome your feedback!

Hip hop and rap music in the beginning was the essence of how we expressed ourselves and our culture to others through musical lyrics. It was a way to tell our stories about our neighborhoods and our life experiences so that those on the peripheral could sympathize with the struggle even if they could not empathize the feelings of our hip hop communities. It was a form of therapy for us to be able to convey our feelings into musical, lyrical and artistic forms so we could dance and have fun. There was minimal violence, no beef, just fun as evidenced by break dancing and rap battles. 

Love should not hurt by: IJS

It’s a damn shame how we choose jacked up relationships and then expect sympathy when things don’t work out. This is mainly for my ladies but some men fall victim to this also but I just have to voice my opinion on this “epidemic” of toxic relationships we are entertaining in today’s society.

I base my opinion solely on circumstances that I have read or watched on TV so I plan to keep this brief and blunt. Ladies you have to realize that the majority of men that are in clubs aren’t looking for relationships, they are mainly looking for a “good time” girl with no strings attached. A ball player, an entertainer or